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their own health a lower-cost through a leading consumer driven health-care program. i think, like all virginians, maureen and i were shocked at the tragic news that came out of sandy hook elementary school a month ago. 26 people, including 20 precious, beautiful young children, were senselessly killed. while some evil acts can never fully be understood by us, we must be prepared to do everything we can to prevent them. i am proposing a targeted the mental help fund. i ask you to approve $5 million for specific adult and child crisis services and an additional $1 million for children's mental health services. i am opposing $750,000 of the budget to assist in discharging individuals from state hospitals who are ready for that transition home in a safe way. i am sure you'll agree that caring for our fellow virginians who have help predict mental-health issues is an expression of who we are as a people and as society. i have established a task force that i have appointed today to review all security policies in effect in our schools and colleges, and to make recommendations to me by janua
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1